My Day... began as a way to reassure the special children in my own life that my love is real and that it can be tangible, even from afar.

My Day... foregoes traditional narrative to tell a story of emotion through pictures.

My Day... began as a song.

This story originated in a very personal and private place. Suffice it to say that since the Fall of 2005, when I became an aunt for the very first time, my life has never been the same. Since then I have become an aunt three more times and counting. I live far enough away from my loved ones that I cannot see them nearly as much as I’d like, let alone every day. I realize that I am far from alone in wanting to communicate this kind of great love across great distances. I therefore decided to turn my personal emotional journey into a project that expressed and illustrated these sentiments for the many grown-ups and special children who feel the same way. Each time a new niece or nephew comes into my life, my own My Day story of love across distance grows a new layer. I hope you will share this book and its companion song with the heroes of your own My Day stories, wherever they may be.
- Jennifer M. Varn

Jennifer M. Varn has wanted to illustrate children's books ever since she discovered that she could communicate emotional messages through images. Her debut book,  My Day..., combines multimedia illustration with songwriting. Ms. Varn is a folk musician in style but also in ethos. Her music follows the folk tradition of social activism through song. Ms. Varn's work seeks to bridge the gap between adult and youth understandings of complex and difficult emotions. She also seeks to bridge the gaps between different and disparate communities in her work by creating emotionally rich stories that resonate across multiple boundaries.
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